We are proud to offer you custom hand-made furniture to suit your specific needs. If you cannot find a standard piece of furniture from our website, we would be happy to discuss and design a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture built just for you.

We have a variety of different resources and materials available to us including wood, steel, pipe, glass, and more.  Through a variety of different builders in Southwestern Ontario, we have built a number of truly amazing pieces.

Given the nature of design, furniture, and countless options we recommend coming into our store to collaborate.  Custom projects will be taken on a piece to piece basis if done online - we will make every effort to make your designs come to life! 

Dimensions, design, and colour choices must be approved with signature.

Please ask us if you are interested in custom furniture work, we love hearing what you come up with!

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Visit our showroom at 1737 – Unit 101 Richmond St, London, ON N5X 3Y2